Posts Blocks

This page contains all the blocks that are related to the posts.

PokaTheme Posts List

This block is used to display a Post List. You can modify the number of posts that appear, the number of layout’s columns, select a specific category to display posts, use posts’ excerpt instead of posts’ truncated content, load posts with ajax functionality. Also you have the ability to show or hide the “read more” button, posts’ featured image, posts’ meta information, posts’ author. Last but not least you can set the descriptions’ length, write your own text for the “Read more” button and display posts horizontally.

You can place PokaTheme Post List in any page/post/widget you want.

Betting News, Slots News

What Time Of Day Do Slots Hit

February 3, 2022

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Betting News, Slots News

How To Play Progressive Slots

February 3, 2022

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This block is used to display Featured Videos. You can select a specific category from which posts will appear or select specific posts to display.

You can place PokaTheme Featured Videos in any page/post/widget you want.

PokaTheme FAQ

This block is used to display FAQs which have been created by the corresponding custom post type. You can select the FAQ you want to display and set the title element type.

You can place PokaTheme FAQ in any page/post/widget you want.

    PokaTheme Button

    This block is used to display a button. You can modify its appearance and its text, to choose if you want an icon to appear, you can also set the url of the link that will contain and where to open the linked document.

    You can place PokaTheme Button in any page/post/widget you want.

    PokaTheme Box Text

    This block is used to display a box text. You can set the color of the box, its content, you can also choose if you want to use uppertitle or icon and set their color.

    You can place PokaTheme Box Text in any page/post/widget you want.

    Casino News

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    PokaTheme Carousel is used to display a carousel. You can modify the type of the elements that appear, the style of the carousel and the number of  items per row.

    You can place PokaTheme Carousel in any page/post/widget you want.